Strategic reorientation of the Swarovski Kristallwelten.

From 2006 until 2009, I developed and managed creative retail and product concepts for the Swarovski Kristallwelten brands with the Creative Director Carla Rumler and the Director of Business Development Dr. Gabriela Depisch-Holicky. 

Repeatedly promoted from product manager to Head of Product and Retail, and Art Director Corporate Communications Crystal Worlds.




The strategic reorientation was designed to defend the company’s position as market leader, reach financial goals and also secure long-term growth at the Wattens headquarter.

The new brand campaign, “The three graces” – based on the mythological embodiments of radiance, joy and opulence, reflecting Swarovski’s strategic platform and we ensured with Swarovski’s internal graphic, product, retail, architecture, marketing and business departments that the new brand identity is implemented consistently.

The store in Wattens attracts over 600,000 visitors a year, the location attracted since it’s opening in 1995, 12 million+ visitors, which makes it the second most important tourist attraction in Austria. We created a shop concept with external partner (Conran + Partners), that also has then been translated for the locations in Innsbruck and Vienna. We succeed in maintaining a luxury shopping experience with daily visitor numbers hitting 5000+ at peak times.

We developed and launched the first coherent “Swarovski Kristallwelten” collection. This included analytics, setting up a new retail management system, product design, the first prototypes for open sell showcase furniture and complementary packaging. With a clear product focus, steering away from many colour variations, we have been able to meet the yearly growth target earlier than expected.

In order to extend the fascination of the crystalline dreamscape into the store area, we started to test regularly changing showcases by international designers. Those installations quickly became far more than a conceptual parallel and extension of the chambers of wonder. 

In a demonstration of the emotional quality of crystal, Studio Tord Boontje created a landscape for the store in Innsbruck. We designed and developed exclusive merchandising products in house.


ART DIRECTION Crystallized™

2009, the Bread & Butter has settled back in Berlin at the old Tempelhof airport. For the first time, Swarovski Crystallized™ enjoyed a central position at the fashion fair. The booth was located in one of the busiest areas, next to several key partners and top prospects in the industry.

I developed a concept that was based on the idea of an artist studio and was thrilled when it was chosen to be realised. The crystal components and application area conveyed a creative and inspiring mood. It created a space of experimentation and discovery intended to entice fashion professionals to include crystals in their collections.

The presence at Bread & Butter involved a 3 stepped scenario:

_Display of commercial pieces:
Exhibition of commercial fashion pieces designed by key partners. Area more specifically targeted at retail buyers.

_Branding Lounge:
Area dedicated to meet&greet with visitors, focus on branding & tag retail programme.

_Application Workshop:
Display of loose components & application workshop to inspire. White cotton bags have been offered with the Crystallized™ logo and the visitors were able to customize their bag with crystal elements, and stamps in a diverse colour range;

Interest was huge and the number of registrations exploded.

Alexandra is hard working, tenacious and very creative. Strongly recommend her.
— Dr. Gabriela (Holicky) Depisch-Holicky, Director of Business Development
Swarovski Crystal Worlds has developed into a unique hybrid format: it has international appeal, but at the same time native Tyroleans can identify with it strongly.
— Markus Langes-Swarovski
In a demonstration of the emotional quality of crystal, we created a landscape in which the visitors are taken on a fantasy journey.
References to fairy tales, story telling, history and adventures invite personal interpretation and dreams.
— Studio Tord Boontje