Fair Booth Bread & Butter Berlin.
Art Direction  _  Concept for Swarovski Crystallized™.

2009, the Bread & Butter has settled back in Berlin at the old Tempelhof airport. For the first time, Swarovski Crystallized™ enjoyed a central position at the fashion fair. The booth was located in one of the busiest areas, next to several key partners and top prospects in the industry.

I developed a concept that was based on the idea of an artist studio. The crystal components and application area conveyed a creative and inspiring mood. It created a space of experimentation and discovery intended to entice fashion professionals to include crystals in their collections.


The presence at Bread & Butter involved a 3 stepped scenario:

_Display of commercial pieces:
Exhibition of commercial fashion pieces designed by key partners. Area more specifically targeted at retail buyers.

_Branding Lounge:
Area dedicated to meet&greet with visitors, focus on branding & tag retail programme.

_Application Workshop:
Display of loose components & application workshop to inspire. White cotton bags have been offered with the Crystallized™ logo and the visitors were able to customize their bag with crystal elements, and stamps in a diverse colour range;

Great increase of registrations.