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For I Scream Factory, showcased at Hoxton Gallery London, August 2014.




Tung Shing Wong and myself worked together at the design agency Method, when we started conversations about the relationship of a human presence and its transitory nature. Soon later, we worked on an installation and spent a day spray painting ice cream cones.

We have been interested on the the effect the object had in a metaphorical and suggestive manner. Presented were particular endowing images in the video projection that symbolised these meanings.


We then proceeded to mount 18 x 18 cones on a black foam board (1.60m x 1.60m). The work was designed to be content heavy, with the cone installation utilising a complex grid system to function as a canvas for the video content.

We wake, we eat, we rest, we create, we watch TV. This is the presence, the place where we live.
— Tung Shing Wong & Alexandra Plesner