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Method Inc

Communicating an Agency

An agency's work and the people who do it are the very definition of reputation.

My focus has been on improving the communication of the brand Method to an external audience, and creating the necessary internal processes required to continue this trend. I was able to significantly raise the company profile within the international design landscape.



I established key relationships with press (FastCompany, Icon Eye, Wired US, Wired Japan, Design Week, …) and increased design press exposure by 2750% within the first year.


I also have been able to help increase search engine visibility and create social media footprints. The Linkedin following grew by 59% and Facebook by 44% within the first 2 years. I took some hurdles, and I am especially happy to have successfully integrated Instagram with a 40% quarterly growth and Medium with a 62% quarterly growth.


I applied my experience in content production to engage the designers in award winning collaborations (8 marketing projects and 23 events) with partner whose established brand elevated Method and matched our values such as: the Victoria & Albert Museum, Punkt., Coda, Dalton Maag, the London Design Festival and IxDA.

_Method worked very closely with Dalton Maag to develop a new digital brand strategy and design direction. I initiated Method's first exclusive press feature with a client and Creative Review magazine. I also ran a launch event during London Design Festival. This video has been filmed a year after the launch. Bruno Maag and Method's chief creative officer reflect on the project success.

_Kobalt Music and Method came together to host an exclusive, invitation only event for the music and creative industries. We brought together a client mix from both brands and reached maximum capacity turnout of over 200 attendees. The event strengthened existing client and press contacts, as well enabled us to connect with new press and industry contacts from arts, fashion, music and design communities. 

Alexandra was a great partner while at Method, with a great understanding of what work the company did and what stories might flow from it.
— Cliff Kuang, Head of Digital Product at Fast Company
Having worked with Alexandra allowed me to experience an effective communicator who can keep everyone on message and on their toes. She has determination to drive a project forward and is not afraid to demand that tasks are completed and milestones achieved.
— Bruno Maag, Founder Dalton Maag
Alexandra has energy, intellect and a ‘can do’ attitude. Bringing these qualities together makes for a great mix of enthusiasm and savviness.

She is a connector of people and possibility, knowing how to work with others in telling compelling stories. She has been instrumental in helping Method share our approach to design and wonderful culture with audiences old and new.
— David Eveleigh-Evans, former Chief Creative Officer Method