Karla Otto 


Establishment of  the digital department for the international public relations and brand strategy agency.

The goal was to integrate digital into the everyday business and lead innovation in communications through the use of prestige technology and cutting-edge appeal.


Company Overview

Karla Otto is an international public relations and brand strategy agency for luxury, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, art and design industry leaders. The company's unparalleled network of offices spans eight cities worldwide: Milan, Paris, London, New York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai.

With over 30 years of experience shaping and communicating the unique visions of its clients, Karla Otto has a deep understanding of the dynamic cultural landscape, combined with an intuition that anticipates industry innovation. Our global position and local insight creates a compelling dialogue between brands and their target audiences that is integrated across print, broadcast and digital media. Powerful relationships with style leaders and tastemakers amplify our influence. 

Source: Business of Fashion

 Karla Otto's first website.

Karla Otto's first website.


Technicolor Dream: video created for Luisa Via Roma's Firenze4Ever festival and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Produced by Partizan Darkroom, Showcased on Nowness, Directed by Lisa Paclet, Music by Mimi Xu



Given the agencies enormous influence and status, the seaming-less integration of digital as a new service arm had to be crafted carefully around the requirements of established clients.

We launched Karla Otto's first website, optimised Fashion GPS, developed new internal processes and established a tight network of digital influencers: from bloggers and online editors to the photographers, filmmakers and developers; pioneering new modes of expression in the online realm.  

I developed and managed exclusive projects, producing high-quality, shareable digital content for multichannel seeding.


Images below: Screenshot of karlaotto.com; Nadia Sarwar and Natalie Joos for Romeo Gigli for Joyce


Alexandra is a pleasure to work with. Both personable and practical she makes things easy and pleasant at all times.
Highly creative herself she is very sympathetic towards others who are working within that scope and finds great practical applications for specific individuals talents.
— Peony Lim
Alex has lots of energy and enthusiasm for what she does. She is full of unique and interesting ideas which she uses her expertise to structure into interesting proposals and marketing plans.
She has an open and honest manner that is refreshing and makes her a great team player.
— Samantha Lewis, YOOX Group