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I Scream Factory

Life is like ice cream, eat it before it melts.

I Scream Factory is predominantly a non-profit web-gallery showcasing ice cream-inspired work across fashion, photography, film and fine art.


 Opening Night

What WE DO

Since the launch in 2010 the I Scream Factory™ art collective has discovered and worked with over 35 photographers and artists from all over the world, to give them a platform to showcase their work in context. 

We held 6 exhibitions and events in London. For each show we collaborated with creative partners such as Kobalt Music, Habitat, Hoxton Gallery, Proud Camden, and the Victoria & Albert Museum, and gave the artists exposure through the I Scream Factory channels as well as the local and regional press.


By exploring life through the metaphor of ice cream, the collective aims to empower a creative way of life and put the focus back on the present moment.

Inspired by a segment of Jim Jarmusch’s Down By Law (1986) in which Bob Benigni, an Italian cellmate, quotes from his “book of English” – “I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice-cream”. This line becomes a maniacal recitation. Ice Cream, a fast-melting delicacy, seems to embody various dimensions of life itself. Delicate yet cold, and of ephemeral pleasure and those who eat it, know it.


All selected submissions are showcased on the website. Regular contributors with more than 3 sets of contributions have their own brand colours and look books on the page. 

Takeshi Suga (Japan)
Lena Vazhenina (Russia)
John Gribben (UK)
Sara Mautone (Italy)
Ting Cheng (Taiwan)
Nadia Sarwar (US)

Charlie Kwai (UK)
Jon Riche (UK)
Shotaro Ishii (Japan)
Eveleigh-Evans (UK)
Anastasia Zesenkova (UK)
Alexandra Plesner (Austria)

Maxim Emelyanov (Russia)
Melanie Galea (Italy)
Nuno Oliveira (Australia)
Katya Sinkovskaya (Russia)
Aitor Santome (Spain)


My family makes ice cream since 1879. Through the project I express that ice cream is more than a melting product.

 The ice cream business 1879.

The ice cream business 1879.

Brand Design

The design by the Finish designer Tomi Lähdesmäki reflects the idea of an art collective, as well as not forgetting about the individual creative.


I Scream Factory has been recognised by Wallpaper*, iD Magazine, Design Week, Art Wednesday, Esquire Middle East, Refinery29, Time Out London, Elle Russia, Grazia Italy, We Heart , Rooms Magazine, 1883 and more.

We were delighted to work with Alexandra and I Scream Factory at Habitat, it was a brilliant experience from start to finish.

Their exhibition brought a fantastic excitement, energy and crowd to Habitat’s Platform gallery and our customers and visitors to the store thoroughly enjoyed visiting the exhibition.
— Rachel Barker, Platform Gallery Manager, Habitat
Presenting works from its stable of international photographers, the Factory gathered a collection of images that explore the desert in great detail, offering a point of view of ice cream as a metaphor for life.
— Wallpaper*