Keep scrolling for the last 3 installations with ice cream cones; as showcased in London and Austria.



For I Scream Factory, showcased at Hoxton Gallery London, August 2014.

Tung Shing Wong and myself started conversations about the relationship of a human presence and its transitory nature. We have been interested on the the effect the object had in a metaphorical and suggestive manner. Presented were particular endowing images in the video projection that symbolised these meanings.



We then proceeded to mount 18 x 18 cones on a black foam board (1.60m x 1.60m). The work was designed to be content heavy, with the cone installation utilising a complex grid system to function as a canvas for the video content.



2016: Reflecting on the culture scape; the set of beliefs, practices and ideas that program us to see and function in the world. “I was particularly inspired by Taiwan’s current landmark judgment, with the constitutional court ruling for allowing same-sex marriage, a beautiful example that reflects how attitudes can change and settings can be re-defined.”


Production Details

10 x 18 ice cream cones, mounted on a white foam board. 0.85m x 1.30m. Showcased at the family’s ice cream parlour “Udo’s Eisparadies” in Tirol, Austria.

The ice cream cones are by Konrad Otto GmbH (Ø / L (mm) 53/120), and I hand painted them with Edding acrylic paint in rainbow colours (9 in total). One cone is golden; it is the one that got away. "The ice cream cones are simply the ones that are used by my family, and they do carry my grandfather's name "Otto", who also made ice cream all his life." 

London-based artist Alexandra Plesner has created a new installation to mark a ruling in Taiwan allowing same-sex marriage.”
— design week


Austria: Der Konditor (Print)
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Series 6 (Playtime)

For Kobalt Music and I Scream Factory; showcased at a private event at the Protein Studios in London, 11 May 2016. 

I got inspired by Jacques Tati’s Playtime and investigated the idea of an artwork ‘under construction’, highlighting the dynamic between the incomplete installation and those interacting with it. Over the course of the night people built on the base, stacking cones, creating an ever-changing 3 dimensional piece. It ended up being a beautiful chaos, with some cones broken. It's life.



The layout of the installation is 1.20m x 1.80m. The base consists of 322 original ice cream cones that have been hand painted with a double matt white coating. The ice cream cones are mounted on a white foam board.

The cone installation is utilising a complex grid system to function as a canvas for the audience interaction. Approximately another 550 cones have been painted by Nuno Oliveira and myself, by hand, in the typical ice cream colours vanilla, strawberry, pistachio and chocolate.